Best Low Skill Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Colton is on my channel showing us this low skill cap deck that even I can win with! This deck is fairly straight forward to use, you can play a barb hut defensively which will help you when you play offensively, but you also have the battle ram and bandit for your bridge spam units that you can use to apply immediate pressure at the bridge. You can easily bait out the opponents big spell with your flying machine or barbarian hut which will allow you to play the three musketeers safely. Throughout the match you can build up a slow elixir lead and eventually you will break through their defence and take down a tower. You can counter push with the barbarians and support them with a bandit or flying machine depending on what you know your opponent has in cycle. The barb barrel is similar to a log and can be used in the Salem but it has the benefit that you can play it and the bridge and the spawning barbarian will tank damage for your units like musketeers or even the battle ram. This deck is also grest for split play pushing, you should split your three musks in the back and support both lanes at the bridge, make sure you have a good elixir lead before committing to this play.

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Barbarian Hut

Barb hut should mainly be used a defensive unit that allows you to build up a small push by offering a lot of pressure and will help you be able to play three musketeers without your opponent punishing you in the opposite lane. It can be used to kite building targeting troops to which will allow your defence more time to help shut down the opponents push. This is a good opening card if your lucky enough to have it in cycle at the beginning of the match.

Three Musketeers

Three musks are a card that should be played when you know your opponent doesn’t have a counter like fireball in cycle. These three musks can aid your split lane pushes very well.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a barbarian hut, playing it four tiles from the river will help protect it from damage from troops your opponent might play. You can also cycle bandit to and hope your opponent doesn’t have a counte rim cycle. During single elixir you should play barbarian huts and simply react to what your opponent plays. You can split three musketeers if you’ve baitout out a fireball. If they have played an elixir collector or placed a heavy tank you can play the battle ram or bandit at the bridge in the opposite lane to apply immediate pressure. You should be able to get some small chip damage throughout single elixir to help you win during the later stages of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

I still recommend playing the barb hut to help you apply dual lane pressure. This deck works well defensively so you can easily counter push your opponent. Remember to try and bait out counters to the three musketeers and splitting them is often the safest move to make. Use you bridge spam units to apply pressure when you know your opponent is low on elixir, if you know what your opponents card cycle is you can start to use prediction spell placements to help support your pushes or at least have the spells ready to deploy. Good luck playing this deck don’t forget to check out my youtuber video to see if Colton can get 12 wins with this deck!

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