New Bridge Spam Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This new version of bridge spam has the electro dragon which fits well into most archetypes in the meta. It also has the hunter which is extremely versatile and is great for helping you take down higher HP units and is also capable of taking down swarm units too. Bridge spam decks need to be played with some aggression, you can’t just play it passively and hope to win a game. You need to punish your opponent on counter pushes or apply pressure when you know you have a good elixir lead. The best defence is often the best offence! This is because it will stop your opponent building up their push and chipping away at your tower. The battle ram and bandit are your main bridge spam units however you also have the lumberjack which has a lot of counter push potential if you play him defensively and then play a unit behind him to counter push with. The barbarian barrel plays a similar roll to the log however you can place it at the bridge so the spawning barbarian will tank tower damage for any of your units about to cross the river.

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This guys speed is incredible, he can be used to help defend against almost any ground based units. His rage abilities comes in helpful for your units behind him and can easily help them connect to their tower if you play your cards right.

Electro Dragon

EDrag is probably the most dominant card in this meta and his chain lightening ability is great for slowing down the opponents pushes and also countering their support troops.


Fireball is your heavy spell and should be played against and elixir collector throughout single elixir to prevent them gaining a huge elixir lead. It is also a good counter to minion horde, three musketeers and should be used when you see a lot of value when your opponent play units all bunched together. Be aware in some circumstances your opponent might tr to bait out the fireball in order to punish you with another unit, so you might need to use the splash damage from the hunters or the EDrag as an alternative play.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should wait a few second to see if the opponent makes the first play. If they don’t you could play a bandit at the bridge or even cycle a barbarian barrel to see if your opponent responds. Once the game is under way you should play responsively to what your opponent does. Ideally you should defend and counter push however against some archetypes like best down or lava hound you need to play very aggressively by constantly applying pressure at the bridge as soon as they place their tank. I would still recommend playing or cycling units at the bridge in order to keep up that constant pressure.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you should be aware what units your opponent has to counter your battle ram or bandit. You can sometimes trick your opponent by starting a push in one lane then switching lanes, this requires an elixir lead. Use your fireball to help support your pushes if need be and have plenty of support troops ready to help counter what the opponent plays. Make sure you check out my video to see live game play of this deck been used!

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