OG Bait!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the original bait deck that I’m showing you all today alongside live game play from Morten from SK Gaming. Bait decks require you to be able to acquire chip damage throughout the match. You can need to be aware of your opponents cycle so you can apply pressure when thid counters like log, arrows or barb barrel are out of cycle. You need to try and get as much value from your princess and goblin barrel as possible and knowing your opponents cycle and taking advantage of this will definitely help! Princess is one of the most important cards in this deck and protecting her from your opponents troops and forcing them to respond to her with a spell will definitely help you get good value from her and keep her alive longer. She is often best played in the back and in the opposite lane to the one your opponent is pushing, because of her long range it means you can space out your troops to avoid giving the opponent good spell value. Never leak elixir and also play defensively especially early game.

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Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is a good card to use to apply pressure when your opponent has either over commit, played a large tank, or played a elixir collector. It can also be used against an elixir collector if you get your knight to tank tower damage. Try to ensure that the opponents card counters like log are out of cycle before playing this card and if your unsure whether it’s in cycle or not definitely don’t place othe runits like princess or goblin gang at the bridge.


Rocket is a high elixir spell so you need to get value when you play this card. It’s good to use against an electro dragon to help protect your inferno tower. It can also be used towards the end of the match to finish off the match. Don’t go to aggressive with this card early game because you can be easily punish and be at a disadvantage for the rest of the game.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best start to a game is either a goblin barrel in the safe spot or the princess behind your king tower. Remember to play defensively and try to acquire chip damage throughout. Take a mental note of what your opponent is playing so you know what cards to save for defence and you should also know when to go aggressive when their counters are out of cycle. For example if they have a mortar you should save the knight to distract it from locking onto your tower. Don’t play the princess at the bridge during in sing’e elixir, she should only be played aggressively if you need to get some small chip damage to finish off the match during over time.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you’ll be able to bait out their log or barb barrel with units like goblin gang or princess then you can immediately apple pressure with the goblin barrel. The log, princess and rocket and do hundreds of damage so you can easily end the game if your opponent has a few hundred Hp on their towers. You can also start to make prediction plays if you know what units or opponent has in cycle to defend against your goblins or princess. Make sure you check out my video to get more help on using this deck!

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