Hog Princess Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Simple is a long time friend of mine and this is his signature deck and he says it’s so strong and extremely versatile and has been good for the last few metas. As with all hog decks you need to know when to play aggressively with the hog rider, in most circumstances you should use him in your counter push or when you need to apply pressure opposite lane to force your opponent to use elixir defensively. Because of how the current meta is there are a lot of counters going around for the hog including tornado and tombstone. In these situations you should try to generate a good elixir lead and try to out cycle their counter units if possible. You have four 2 elixir cards in this deck which means you can easily cycle to units that you need. The mini pekka is grest for helping you take down tanks but you will often need to distract their support units with the ice golem. In ge second match in my video you can see how simple will play the hog when he knows the opponent doesn’t have enough elixir to defend, and learning to do this will help you win a lot more matchups. He also says you should try to split your opponents elixir between both lanes, so because of this don’t be afraid to change lanes or even split lane push to prevent your opponent coming at you with a huge counter push.

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Princess can offer a lot of value, her long range means she can support the hog rider from a long distance. Try to protect her from your opponents troops to force them to spend more elixir to counter her.

The Log

Log is a good support card to use for the hog if the opponent is playing the tombstone, goblin gang or skeleton army. Timing the placement of this card can lead to your hog getting more damage on their towers. You should aim for the log to hit the tombstone just after the hog takes his first swing, this will also take out the spawning skeletons from the tombstone. It is also important to help you gain chip damage so play this card wisely. If you’re against a bait deck this card will be key for countering the goblin barrel.

Hog Rider

Hog is your main win condition in this deck, when you apply pressure with him you are looking to get at least one hit for a successful hog push, however if you don’t get one hit but you’ve forced your opponent to over defend then repeat the process until you have a good enough elixir lead to either out cycle their units or have elixir to support the hog so he can get to their tower. He can also be useful for kiting units away from your tower if your ice golem or pekka aren’t in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Simple loves opening the game by cycling goblins at the bridge, if the opponent ignores them they can easily stack up a couple of hundred hit points off their tower. Princess is another good opening unit to play as long as you place her behind your towers. Try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing as early as possible, this deck isn’t very popular so the opponent won’t always know what the spells are in your deck. You will need to play the hog during single elixir, acquiring chip damage throughout the match is highly important.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time, you can quickly cycle back to hog and keep applying that pressure. Take any rocket value your opponent gives you whether you play it defensively or offensively to get tower damage while also taking out their units. Remember to split lane push if you need to, this will force your opponent to split their elixir and prevent them from fully supporting their win condition. Go check out my video to see Simple playing this deck in a Gramd Challenge!

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