2.6 Miner Bomb Tower Cycle!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is an extremely quick and effective deck that is great to play if you want to help improve your overall game play. Running these kind of decks will help you understand the micro card interactions which can help you know when and how much to defend or counter push. Cycle decks need to be played fairly aggressive and you will rely on acquiring chip damage throughout the whole match. Defending with your smaller units and counter pushing can be a good way to punish your opponent unless they are running a lot of splash damage units. If they have a lot of counter cards you should apply pressure in the opposite lane to force them to defend so they can’t throw all their elixir down one lane. Fireball is a good spell to use to help protect and support your pushes, you won’t always get a positive elixir trade when using this card, sometimes you will fireball a goblin gang or minions but if you’re applying extra pressure and getting good chip damage then the one elixir disadvantage is worth it.

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Miner is your most versatile card and is also your win condition. He can be used defensively if your barb barrel is out of cycle and you don’t have time to cycle back to him. He is good to use to snipe magic archers, princess and elixir collectors. You should however ideally be using him to acquire chip damage throughout the game by playing aggressively on their tower. Make sure you switch up your miner placements throughout the game to make it harder for your opponent to predict where you will place him.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is a good defensive unit to use against all ground based archetypes. It works great against mortar and is also good at killing support units that are behind the opponents tank and kiting units like battle ram, hogs and even distracting royal giants.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits are one of my all time favourite cards and can offer a lot of value for just two elixir. They can be used to apply pressure at the bridge as a cycle card or to take out a group of units if you can use your skeletons or barb barrel to temporarily distract their units from locking onto these three spirits.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I definitely recommend figuring out which cards you will need to help defend against your opponents deck, for example against a lava hound deck you will rely on the bats dart goblin and fire spirits whereas against a bridge spam deck you will rely on your bomb tower, barb barrel and fireball more. Starting the match by cycling units is a good way to begin the game. Don’t play too aggressive that you have no elixir to defend.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should know what your opponent is playing and you can start to use the right support cards predictively to help support your pushes and you can even prediction fireball if you know what your opponent has in cycle. Remember to keep using the miner to help acquire chip damage even if you have already taken a tower you should still apply light aggression to split the opponents elixir. Good luck using this deck, it will definitely take some time to master so check out my video so you can pick up some more advice on using this deck as I spectate Planet live.

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