Royal Recruits Barb Hut Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This is undoubtedly one of the strongest decks since the update, it has over a 60% win rate. You basically just stack huts, defend with Royal Recruits then punish them in the opposite lane to the one they chose to defend. You have an element of spell bait with this deck, the dart goblin and goblin gang both synergies very well together at baiting out the log and then you can apply pressure with the other unit. One of the best features about this deck is that out can easily split lane push, once your opponent uses a spell or splash unit one lane you should commit more elixir in the opposite lane to try and break through their defence. You should usually wait until double elixir before committing to an all out double lane push unless your opponent makes a mistake by over committing.

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Barbarian Hut

Barb hut should be played passively and you should try to stack them up the help aid your defence and offensive plays. The spawning barbs are good tanks to use to help you apply pressure or even if they’re left alone they will deal damage to their towers.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is mainly used in bridge spam decks however here you are looking to use it to apply pressure opposite lane if the opponent plays a tank or you have a good counter push going down a lane.

Royal Recruits

Royal Recruits are back in meta stronger than ever. They’re now seven elixir and they can help defend both lanes. To use them effectively you should defend with them and then stack up units behind them to counter push your opponent. They’re a good tank to use to help the battle ram break through their defence. A lot of player will cycle the Recruits In the back but I definitely do not recommend doing this!

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play fairly passively, defend and wait for double elixir when you can easily stack up troops to punish your opponent. If you bait out a log you can then punish the opponent but be careful not to over commit offensively. Barbarian hut is a good opening move because it can be tricky for your opponent to immediately apply pressure because it will kite units if you play it in the correct place.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should wait until you have a good amount of counter push potential and then punish your opponent. Try to build up units in both lanes then apply pressure in the lane that they don’t defend! You can also fireball cycle the opponent if need be, this is an extremely strong defensive deck which will allow you to finish the game with your spells. Check out my video to see myself and Tag discussing this deck while Tag plays some live matches against some of the most common decks in this meta.

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