New Graveyard Freeze!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Today BigSpin is back on my channel showing us this recently buffed Graveyard Freeze Deck. This deck is similar to the old school splash yard deck that was popular around 12 months ago. Ideally you should slow play this deck and wait for a good opportunity to go aggressive and punish your opponent with the win condition. You shouldn’t always play the freeze every time you play the graveyard, the freeze spell will often only be super successful once because the next time the opponent will be expecting you to play so will likely space out their defensive troops. As with most graveyard decks this one is very defensive, the tombstone can be used to kite tanks and units like hogs, it’s also good at baiting out a log which can be used to kill the skeletons from your graveyard. The cheapest tank you have for the graveyard is either the mega minion or knight and you should choose which one to play based on what your opponent is likely to use defensively. Your main air defence units are mega minion and archers, makes sure you spread them out to avoid giving your opponent spell value especially against lava hound decks.

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Graveyard is your main win condition, it is a card that requires another units to help support the spawning skeletons. You can often counter push especially with the bowler which is a good unit to use to tank tower damage. Because you have Freeze in this deck it allows you, in some scenarios, to play a naked graveyard and then freeze their defensive troops. If the opponent plays an elixir collector behind their towers you can also play a naked graveyard which covers the pump, this could land you a 3 elixir positive trade and tower damage, have your zap ready in the opponent has minions, bats, skeletons or goblins.


Bowler can offer a lot of value defensively, he is a great counter to bridge spam, bait, siege and he is also grest at taking out support units placed behind tanks. He has a lot of counter push potential because of his higher HP. His only down side is he can be a little on the slow side especially during double elixir so you will need other units to help keep him alive for longer.


The freeze now does an initial damage which can be used to kill bats and skeletons and if you pair it with zap it can also take down bigger troops like goblins or minions. It is best used along your graveyard when you know your opponent plays their counter and leave themselves low on elixir and this spell is capable of punishing the opponent. It can also be used defensively, it works well with bowler on defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Bigspin likes to go aggressive with a graveyard push fairly early to see how to opponent reacts defensively, you shouldn’t play the freeze on your first graveyard push but remember what units your opponent played defensively and if you can bait them out you could punish them in the opposite lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to build bigger pushes and support your graveyard more. You can duke your opponent into thinking your pushing one lane and then Immediately switch to other lane. Only use the freeze if you know you can get good value, remember you might need to use it defensively! Go check out my video to see how BigSpin plays this deck and how to handle different matchups you might face in this meta!

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