Perfect Meta Counter Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

This current meta has a lot of ‘spam’ elements to the decks, so if you’re looking to counter that then this is the deck for you. This deck is extremely versatile offensively and very strong defensively. It has a little bit of skill required to use, the correct bandit or hunter placements to get maximum value, and it also has the miner posion element in the deck too. One good strategy to use is to be more aggressive when you’re playing against a heavier deck and be less aggressive when you’re up against a lighter deck. This deck allows you to defend and counter push or apply pressure in the opposite lane depending on what deck you’re facing. Against heavier beat down decks your should apply pressure opposite lane as soon as they play their tank, keep you units that you need to defend in cycle. The zap can be used to reset units and making them retarget their damage. It’s also capable of taking down light units like spear goblins, bats and skeletons.

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Miner can be played anywhere in the arena and this allows you to apply pressure immediately or you can also use him to snipe units like princess or magic archer. He is also a good answer to an elixir collector if you have your two spells in cycle to support him.

Royal Recruits

Recruits are like a solid wall of defensive power. They has been recently reduced to 7 elixir and have become viable once again. They’re grest at stopping charging units, taking down heavier tanks and also clogging up a lane and having counter push potential in the opposite lane too.


Posion is the heavy spell in the deck and again it can be used in many different ways. It’s good to use against the three musketeers, minion hordes and is also the perfect counter to the graveyard. If you play your miner onto the opponents tower you should have this card ready to deploy if they play a defensive unit that you can get good value from by poisoning.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with all matches play fairly passively and take advantage of any counter push potential you get while making positive elixir trades. You can start the game of with a miner in the safe spot or by cycling bandit at the bridge. Use Recruits reactively for defence then take advantage and counter push. Try to protect the hunter from enemy units so he can help support your counter pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can easily split lane push to make it harder for your opponent to defend. Use your spells to support your pushes if you need to but don’t over commit offensively, sometimes it’s best to repeatedly defend and counter push than go all out depending on what you’re facing. Good luck running this deck check out my video in the link to see live grand challenge game play.

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