Dual Lane Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is currently very strong and it’s mainly down to the Royal Recruits. The elixir pump no longer appears in your starting hand but this increase the chances of your other units appearing in your starting hand. Three musketeers, royal Recruits and minion horde can all be split to apply dual lane pressure. The Recruits should be ideally up front to tank damage for the other units behind. You can also use the miner or barb barrel at the right time to tank tower damage for your units that are about to cross the bridge. The minion horde, three musketeers and pump are all good spell bait cards and will allow you to play ok of the other cards if you successfully bait out their counters depending on what deck they’re playing. The zap can be used to retarget units or reset units like sparky, inferno dragon or stop a charging prince or battle ram.

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Miner can be used to snipe units like princess, dart goblin, musketeer and magic archer. He’s also a good counter to the elixir collector and should be used to tank damage just as your other units cross the river. If you place him behind the opponents tower he will kite their defensive troops back allowing your support units to lock onto their tower.

Barbarian Barrel

Barb barrel is your second spell card in this deck. It should be played similar to the log besides the spawning barbarian and kit units back from your towers and can also act as a tank.

Royal Recruits

Recruits should always be supported otherwise your opponent will find they fairly easily to defend especially if they’re running bats or minions. They’re a good ‘tank card’ that can support a dual lane push and they’re also good st stopping charging units like bandit or prince.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to pump up throughout and build a good elixir lead. If you see an opportunity to go aggressive and punish your opponent you should take it, just don’t leave yourself at an elixir disadvantage. Recruits should be used defensively and taken advantage of through a counter push. Try to remember what counters your opponents have to your three musketeers, minions or pump and try to bait it out and punish them if you can.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can easily start to apply dual lane pressure, you should be aware what cards your opponents have so you will know what cards you should use to support your pushes. Unless you’re trying to bait out a spell or you know the game will go far into over time I don’t recommend playing the elixir collector. Check out the video to see live game play of BranDank using this deck and watch how he uses it to his advantage to punish the opponent.

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