New Mega Knight Bait!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Surgical Goblin is back on my channel showing us this strong Bait deck which had the Royal Giant and the Mega Knight. This deck has six spells bait cards which gives you a lot of different options to choose from when applying pressure and punishing your opponents. The royal giant and mega knight synergies very well together, you can bait out the opponents tank killer cards such as pekka, inferno dragon or hunter and then punish them in the opposite lane with the other unit. The win conditions vary in this deck depending on the match up you’re facing, you will most likely get your damage from a variety of different cards though out the match. Against siege decks the royal giant will be used defensively to counter the opponents win condition. Whereas against beat down decks you apply pressure with the goblin barrel and use mega knight more defensively. This is why the deck is so strong because you can easily adapt to whatever deck you’re playing against. Both the Royal Giant and the mega knight are good units to play slightly more aggressively at the bridge to counter push your opponent or taking advantage of the mega knights enter the arena ability. As you can see in the video Surgical is very patient with this deck and only plays one bait card in one lane at a time to avoid giving the opponent good spell value.

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Princess is a good defensive unit that can be played in the opposite lane to help defend the lane your opponent is pushing. Try to protect her from enemy units and if they play a spell to take her out make sure you punish them with your other bait cards. Don’t play her aggressive at the bridge unless it’s over time and you need to acquire some chip damage since you don’t have a direct spell.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is a good card to you when you need to apply immediate pressure when your opponent plays a heavy unit or over commits offensively. It can also be used against an elixir collector since you don’t have a direct spell, just make sure you apply pressure at the bridge when you play the barrel onto the pump to make it harder for them to defend. When you first play the barrel onto their tower play it in the safe spot. If you play a duke barrel play it later game to increase the chance of your opponent missing the barrels placement.

Early Stage Gameplan

You have a lot of choices for opening moves in this deck you an pretty much use any of your bait cards. To princess in the back or dart goblin at the bridge are probably your safest options to use. Once you’ve assessed the opponents decks you should start counter pushing and applying pressure at the appropriate times, you will rely on chip damage throughout the whole game in order to win a matchup.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to cycle quicker and should be easily able to out cycle logs or zap spells. You can also dual lane push if you bait out a tank killer by using the mega knight and RG. Goodluck running this deck everyone.

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