Miner Mortar Bait!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hazard is an extremely good player from Russia and today he’s on my channel because he reached 100 global tournament wins using this deck. If you watch the replays from my video he plays the two air cards, minion horde and bats very aggressively, mainly placing them at the bridge. He will play the goblins either defensively near his towers or he will cycle them in the back. He uses his minions once he’s baited out the opponents counters and before they have enough elixir to counter them. Controlling the tempo of the is another important thing hazard seems to do. It stops your opponent building a huge push that you can’t defend and forces them to constantly play defence. One good thing you can do with this deck is play mortar the. When they play a unit to defend you could play ice golem and bats in the opposite lane to apply dual lane pressure forcing your opponent to split their elixir and making it harder for them to defend.

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Miner should be used to help support your pushes, playing him behind a tower will pull enemy units back making it more likely your bats or minions will connect to the opponents tower. If they have an elixir collector you will need to punish them every time they play iy, you can play the miner onto the pump and go aggressive opposite lane with ice golem and bats. He can also be used to take down a princess or magic archer.

Ice Golem

Ice golem can be used in many different ways in this deck, he can be used as a mini tank to pressure opposite lane if you support him with spear goblins, bats or goblin gang. You can also pair him with zap if you need to retarget a unit onto the ice golem. It can also kite units away from your tower and his frost nova can be paired to zap to take out lower HP units.

Minion Horde

Minion are a great support unit to use behind the miner or ice golem. They should be used aggressively though out the match and never play them close to your towers where your opponent can get spell value. They great on defence too, if the opponent has splash units in the arena you might need to use miner or ice golem to distract their splash units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Single elixir and double elixir should be played fairly similar. You need to keep up the aggression to stop your opponent playing cards in the order they want to which would allow them to build a successful push. You your key defensive units, mainly ice golem and goblins to defend the small pushes while applying pressure with miner, minions and bats in the opposite lane. Mortar can be used defensively against best down decks and royal giant decks to distract the tank. Goodluck using this deck check out my video to see more live game play of Hazard using this deck!

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