Fast X-Bow Cycle Deck.
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck was used to win my most recent impossible challenge, by no means is this a good deck, in order to be successful with these kind of decks you need to practise and be an all round good player! Mastering this decksill definitely help improve your overall game play. As you can see from the replays thegod_rf never wastes a card, every time he plays a unit it’s for a reason whether it’s to support his xbow, bait out a spell or to help aid your towers on defence. Because of the speed of this deck you should easily be able to out cycle any hard counters your opponent has, if they have a heavy beat down deck you should try and take a tower as early as possible. The ice golem and barbarian barrel should be used as mini tanks, when using them on defence the can distract units while your bats or skeletons help shut down their push. They can also be used to tank damage for your xbow allowing you more time to build up support units and stop their defence and eventually get that tower lock. Unfortunately you don’t have any direct damage with this deck so you have to play smart and try and use barb barrel or ice spirit to help you acquire chip damage.

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Xbow is your win condition, you should try to support it when the time is right to try and get a successful tower lock. However because of the cycle speed of this deck you shouldn’t always support an almost dead xbow when you can simply just play another xbow.


Mirror is a good card to use to surprise your opponents, it can be used to immediately place an offensive xbow after playing a defensive one, or it’s also great for mirroring bats especially against those annoying air based decks like lava hound. It can also come in n handy against bait decks where you can mirror your barb barrel to help prevent damage and then counter push with the two surviving barbarians.

Early Stage Gameplan

Because of the nature of this deck you can open he game with a defensive xbow if the opponent opts to cycle a unit in the back and essentially waste their elixir. Sometimes single elixir is the ideal time to apply pressure and get a tower down nice and early especially against decks which have heavy units like giant. Against bait or fast cycle decks defend and counter push, defensive xbows help a lot and you can easily cycle back to a second xbow even during single elixir. Try to cycle ice spirit at the bridge to help get that small chip damage which can be vital during over time.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir try to play more defensively before going aggressive with an xbow at the bridge, playing more defensively and having units ready to support your offensive strategy is probably the safest way to play this deck! Check out my video to see gameplay of this get be used in a grand challenge and don’t forget to follow my Twitter @CWA to take part in the next impossible challenge.

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