#1 Balloon Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Pompeo is back on my channel with his all time favourite deck! In my video Pompeo is stacking up the three crowns towards the top of ladder which really shows the strength of this deck. The two spells synergise very well in this deck, they can allow you to spell cycle later game and their ‘abilities’ of resting units can come in helpful on either defence or offence. With this deck you can either defend and counter push especially against lighter cycle decks like hog or bridge spam. If your against a beat down deck or lava loon you will have to apply pressure opposite lane as soon as they play their heavy tank. Use the tombstone to kite units that are heading towards your towers buying yourself more time to shut down their push. Knowing what counters your opponent has to the balloon is very important because it gives you an opening to go aggressive and try to punish them if you can bait out their air defence.

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Miner is an incredibly versatile card can offer you a lot of value if you use him correctly to support your other units. He can also be used to snipe units like princess, dart goblin, elixir collector and magic archer. However his main purpose in the deck is to tank damage for the balloon allowing the balloon to get closer to the tower. If the opponent has a lot of air defence you will have to use the miner aggressively to help gain chip damage throughout the game.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main units to take out tanky units, in the current meta your pretty likely to go up against golems and royal giant, this card can help stop their push however you will to deal with their other support units to stop them taking out your inferno dragon.


This card is your main win condition and can do over 1000 damage to your opponents towers is you can get it to connect. I recommend always supporting the ballon with with ice golem or miner to make it harder for your opponent to defend. Even is your balloon doesn’t directly drop its bomb every time the death damage is good and helps chip away over time.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game Pompeo likes to play fairly passively, learning what deck your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your balloon. If you know your opponent doesn’t have any air defence in cycle then go ahead and apple pressure at the bridge with the balloon. Sometimes tower trading is a good opportunity to take so you have an advantage during double elixir. You should tower trade when you know your opponent can’t overwhelm you can three crown you however if you can afford to protect you tower then it’s worthwhile doing because it forces your opponent to spend elixir opposite lane during double elixir. Inferno dragon is a good opening card because you have a lot of air defence in this deck.

Late Stage Gameplan

Pompeo plays this deck a lot more aggressively during double elixir as you would expect. You can easily apply pressure opposite lane with an eight elixir push and have enough elixir to help defend the lane your opponent is pushing. Go check out my video to see live game play of the pro player Pompeo using this deck!

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