No Skill Royal Giant Deck
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is extremely straight forward to play for any skill level and in his current meta it’s great against the majority of matchups. You have three fast cycle cards, skeletons, fire spirits and barb barrel and you also have the heavier cards like barb hut and Royal Giant. You will often rely on the cycle cards to defend after playing one of the heavier units if your opponent tries to rush the opposite lane. The flying machine and barb hut are both units you can use to bait out the fireball, once you’ve baited out their spell you can use the other unit to support your RG. Barbarian hut placement can be key to defending well so check out the video to see where unstoppable likes to place the hit. So you main damage will come from the royal giant, you can apply opposite lane pressure against heavier decks and against quicker cycle decks you should defend and rely on a strong counter push.

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Electro Wizard

E-wiz is good card to use defensively, his enter the arena ability basically gives you a third spell option. He is good to use to damage lower Hp swarm units but he can also make units retarget their damage if they’re already locked onto on of your units or towers. He synergies well with the Royal Giant because he can help protect him from inferno dragons or inferno towers. He can also reset charging units like prince or battle ram. Zappies would be a good alternative if you don’t have ewiz because they will act as a fireball bait card.

Barbarian Barrel

Barb Barrel is you mini spell here and is great to use defensively against goblin barrels or skeleton barrels. He can also be played just at the river just as the Royal Giant crosses the bridge to tank damage from to tower or any defensive unit your opponent might play. He can be used along side the barbarian hut so you have three barbarians heading down one lane forcing you opponent to respond with more elixir.

Fire Spirit

Fire spirits are another unit you can use to simply cycle a card if you need to, they can do the equivalent damage of a fireball if they make it to your opponents tower. They can also be placed behind your Royal Giant to counter units like barbarians, minions or goblins if you know your opponent has them in cycle and are likely to use them defensively. They can also be used against a goblin barrel if your barb barrel is out of cycle and they can be placed to surround units so they avoid the splash damage effect.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a low barbarian hut placement. Track what cards your opponent has to counter your defensive units and you Royal Giant and try to punish them when they’re out of hand. You can also start out with fire spirits at the bridge or flying machine in the back. If your unsure what deck your opponent is playing simply defend and build a positive elixir lead before playing the RG.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to make prediction spell placements. Try to punish your opponent when they overcommit. Check out my video to see how unstoppable plays this deck differently between single and double elixir. You can also spell cycle if your opponent has a strong defensive providing you have their tower below 1000Hp.

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