OP Ram Rider Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The Ram Rider is currently a great replacement for the hog rider. (The match made in heaven

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Ram Rider

I would say this card is incredibly strong and will fit into most archetypes in the game. She has a snare effect that can stun units while the ram still charges towards the towers, the freeze synergies very well because the ram does damage to the towers while the rider takes out any units they’ve played defensively. She targets air and ground too so she is a good counter to balloons and hog riders which also gives you counter push potential.


Princes should mainly be used defensively, use her long range to you advantage by placing her in the opposite lane. She can be placed behind your king tower to help defend against graveyards. She is also a good counter to bait and swarm decks too.


Freeze is your second spell and since it now does damage it’s become more viable in challenges. It can also be used defensively especially if you have a large push heading towards your tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with one of your bait cards, Princess can be played in the back but the others should be played at the bridge to try and get early chip damage. If the opponent drops a tank or elixir collector then play the ram rider at the bridge to apply immediate pressure. Never cycle ice golem or pekka because they can be very important on defence especially if you will rely on that counterpush. Remember what cards your opponents have that will counter your ram rider and try to bait them out before going to aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can use the freeze more offensively and start to make prediction log placements if you know what your opponent is playing. You could also potentially apply dual lane pressure if they have a unit like mega night or bowler on defence. Goodluck running this deck check out my video to see more viable ram rider decks!

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