Top Golem Deck?
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Mokees who is 12 years old and is an absolute beast at the game especially with this golem deck which he plays very aggressively and has huge success with. Monkees is more than happy to lose a tower even in he early stages of the game, he doesn’t see the point in wasting elixir defensively when he can use it offensively. Try to also get good value with your spells and use the Tornado to pull inferno dragons of your golem if you need to. He does however like to try and protect his other units like night witch and baby dragon. Your smaller units like barb barrel and mega minion can help stop the opponents pushes, you might take some damage but will often have made a positive elixir trade. Check out my video to see mokees playing this deck live as he pushes for number one global.

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The lumber jack has a lot of counter push potential and should be used if you know you can take advantage of the rage spell after he dies. Try to play him in front of the golem so he dies first and spills his rage.

Night Witch

Night witch has always been viable along side any golem deck. Just a quick tip if your opponent has a night witch it’s safe to assume they’re playing a beat down deck. Playing her first behind your towers allows her more time to spawn bats which can help aid your defence. If the opponent has rocket or lightening try to keep her out of rage of the towers to avoid giving the opponent good spell value. She should ideally always be behind the golem once your push crosses the bridge, this means she has a unit to tank damage while she hits defensive units and her bats help protect the golem.


This card is your main win condition, golems can also be used to kite the opponents troops into the opposite lane and away from your towers, which is why you shouldn’t need place him behind your princess towers. He tanks damage while you build up support units and eventually over whelm your opponents defence. His death damage can kill units like bats answer skeletons and it also has a fairly strong knock back effect.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should try to activate your king tower with the Tornado. A key to using any golem deck is been comfortable taking damage and ignore some of the opponents pushes and if you activate your king tower early game this will definitely allow you to do ignore their pushes and focus more on building your own. Barb barrel is a good unit to cycle at the bridge during the first thirty seconds to see if you can force a response from your opponent. This deck is definitely stronger in double elixir so if you don’t want to make a move and your opponent doesn’t either then it’s ok.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir as I mentioned above this deck is extremely strong. Providing you have activated your king tower you can ignore the opponents pushes (providing you won’t get three crowned) and focus on building up your own push. The Tornado can be used to pull units into the range of the golems death damage and the baby dragons fire breath.

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