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clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Bait decks have been around for a long time but this newer version that Morten is showing us day includes the prince. Bait decks are all about forcing your opponent to play certain cards when you know they have it in cycle and then punishing them once you’ve baited out their card. If they have log then try to bait it out the goblin gang and punish them with the barrel. Take any rocket value you can if they play units 5 elixir or more to close to their towers. If they play the three musketeers behind their king tower and you can Tornado them into one lane then rocket the three musketeers and their tower. Always rocket the elixir pump early game to avoid them gaining an elixir advantage. You can often out cycle a lot of decks especially during double elixir. Try to control the tempo of the match, playing aggressively can’t stop your opponent playing how they want to and will often stop them building a huge push, this play style will help you against heavier decks like golem.

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Princess has a lot of versatility and is a great support card so try to protect her and force your opponent to log her which gives you the opportunity to go aggressive with your goblin barrel. You can play her at the bridge later game if you need to get some chip damage but other than that she should be used defensively.


The prince has a huge counter push potential so using him defensively mean you can easily punish your opponents. You can support him with the log if you know they have units like skeletons, tombstone or goblins in cycle for defence. He also should’ve used to counter heavier units like royal giant, giant, golem or even hog.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin is a good counter to graveyard which is everywhere in the current meta, place him behind your king tower to help defend the graveyard. Always make sure he isn’t to close to your princess so you avoid giving your opponent spell value. Use his range to your advantage to help support your towers defensively.

Early Stage Gameplan

As with every deck which has tornado inside it you should try and active your king tower as early as possible to help out on defence throughout the rest of the match. You can opening the match with a princess in the back or a dart goblin at the bridge. Keep you goblin gang and prince in cycle incase they rush one of your towers. You can use the goblin barrel to see how your opponent reacts and whether or not they have a log in their deck. Always place the barrel in the anti Tornado position when you first play it.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you will often have to defend and then counter push. Try to get the tower within rocket range and if you take a tower down then apply pressure in the opposite lane to force your opponent to split their elixir. You can also split lane push especially if the opponent has a triple spell deck or they have splash units like bowler or executioner. Check out my video to see Morten playing this deck live!

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