New Low Skill Loon Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

I would say this deck is very straight forward to use, you have a very strong defence and all the defensive units have good counter push potential which will help support your balloon and aid it in reaching their tower. Tornado fits in well because it can be synergised with the bowler or baby dragon to help stop the opponents troops. The freeze spell should be used both on defence and offence, you don’t have a large spell like fireball so freezing units can buy you more time to shut down their push, try and defensively freeze on your side of the arena so your towers help shut down their push. Pairing it the the barb barrel and help stop pushes like three musketeers too.

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Lumber Jack is a great defensive card, his speed always him to chop through units quickly with the support of you towers and he also has a large counter push potential because of his rage spell. Playing the balloon behind him to counter push with will increase the chances of it connecting to their tower or forcing them to spend more elixir defensively.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon is great for taking out larger units like golem, hound or giant. If the opponent doesn’t have any of these in their deck you can use this as a cycle card because it will demand a response from your opponent otherwise it will take their tower. You can use the baby dragon to support him and help him deal with swarm units like minions, bats or goblins.


Bowler is another great defensive unit, he can clog up a lane and works well against bait, bridge spam and elite barbarians. He is also a good tank for the balloon but I only recommend using him if you are counter pushing your opponent. With the correct tole placement (directly behind your tower) you can counter a goblin barrel and avoid all damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try to activate your king tower early game to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. You have to be cautious early game with the balloon because they could easily counter it and then punish you. Don’t play to out aggressively early game, a single balloon hit is worth it so don’t freeze unless you absolutely have to early game. Check out my video to see the amount of times I would have froze but Aaron stopped me... thankfully.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should know what deck your opponent is playing so if they play all their air counters you can punish them in the opposite lane. Save the cards you need for defence and sometimes you’ll need to play aggressively in order to cycle back to the card you need. You don’t have much direct damage so relying on the balloons desth damage over time an help you chip away at their tower if your struggling to break through their defence.

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