Mega Knight Hog Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Even though you have the mega knight inside your deck the hog rider is your win condition. You should use the mega knight as a defensive unit to help counter the opponents units, he’s a good counter to the mortar which is fairly popular and he is also capable of handling three musketeers. The skeleton army isn’t used much but because of the high use rate of barb barrel this card is making a return because the barb barrel isn’t very effective against it. So because of this if you know they have barb barrel use to skarmy to bait out their barb barrel then you can apply pressure with the goblin gang. Bandit is also a good support card to use alongside the hog rider, her dash means she can help chip away at what ever your opponent plays defensively so try to play her around 3-4 tiles behind your hog to allow her to dash.

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Mega Knight

Try and save this card for double elixir unless you need to use him defensively early game, for instance if your opponent plays an aggressive three musketeers or rages ebarbs at the bridge. If he has a lot of HP then use support cards behind him to apply pressure, you can also play the hog opposite lane to apply dual lane pressure making it more difficult for your opponent to defend. Don’t play this card in the back because you’ll just be wasting his enter the arena ability.

Electro Wizard

Ewiz is a good defensive unit and his spawn damage can be used to hit swarm units or reset units like inferno dragon, sparky, battle ram or prince. He can also be used to support you hog rider on a counter push especially if your opponent has troop cards in cycle to counter your hog.


This spell is your only direct damage so you will often rely on getting at least one hog swing per push to help chip away at their tower. Timing the spell correctly will often allow your hog to get an extra hit or it can even be used to retarget the tower if you need to.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game don’t play to aggressive with the hog and I don’t recommend playing the mega knight unless you have too. Play the occasional hog and see hog your opponent responds, try to build a positive elixir lead through your defence and counter push when you can. You can start the match out by splitting skarmy in the back or even playing an aggressive hog at the bridge depending on your preferred play style.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to support the hog rider more and it’s also the perfect time to start using your mega knight defensively and taking advantage of his counter push capability. Check out my video to see live game play of walker using this deck and see how he handles matchups on ladder.

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