Giant Miner Triple Spell!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Boss_CR who is an absolute beast with a giant deck, this deck has two win conditions, the miner and the giant, which makes it very versatile to use against lots of different archetypes. Against most matchups you should play same lane as your opponent and try to build a good offence off a counter push. You key defensive cards will be the EDrag and prince and these two have a lot of counter push potential especially if they’re behind a giant. EDrag will be your main defence against air decks such and lava hound and the annoying balloon freeze decks. Play your EDrag in the back same lane as the one your opponent is pushing. Make sure you check out the video to pick up some more great tips on using this deck from the Boss_CR who has joined me on voice for the video.

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Miner a solid card to use to help you gain some extra chip damage, you can pair him with the zap to reset to tower and make it target the miner instead of the giant in some situations. He’s a good option to use against an elixir collector and can also be used to snipe units like princess, dart goblin or magic archer if your up against a bait deck. Switching up his placement throughout the match is important to increase your chances of getting that tower lock.


Prince is a good defensive option to use and he has a huge counter push potential and synergies very well with either the miner or the giant. If you know your opponent has lot of swarm units have your log or zap ready to help support the prince. He is also a good counter to use against the hog rider and you can giant infront to counter push with.


The giant is your tank in this deck you should usually giant in the back if they play their own tank in the back. Against three musketeers, 2.6, or xbow you should play the giant at the bridge along with your support cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

Generally you are best of waiting for the opponent to make the first move however if they don’t make the first move then you can cycle the miner on their tower. You can also cycle zap or log against their tower to see if they start off a push.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can use the miner more aggressively and send him and the giant in together to apply more pressure. The three spells can be used either defensively or offensively during double elixir. The fireball and log both have a knock back effect which should be used to reset units. Try to get good value if you can by getting tower chip damage while also taking it their units.

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