Royal Giant Deck!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today KK19212 is on my channel featuring this disgusting Royal Giant Deck that he’s currently using inside the top 10p I’m the world. Royal Giant is your main since condition and he’s a good counter to siege decks too. You can play your key support units like barb barrel or baby dragon to help him get more tower damage. The furnace is a good card to play when you don’t have another move to make, the spawning fire spirits will apply constant pressure to your opponent and will likely force them to play at least one spell to counter a wave of fire spirits. It’s especially important to play this card if you know your opponent has swarm units like minion horde to counter your royal giant. Your main defensive cards will be the mega minion and ewiz however these two cards have a lot of counter push potential too.

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Electro Wizard

Ewiz has a lot of versatility in the deck, he can be used defensively to stop charging units like battle ram or prince. Use his spawn ability to splash swarm units if your need to or to reset a sparkys charge. Timing his placement correctly can also help counter a goblin barrel.


Lighting is your heavy spell and is also your only direct damage spell. It can be used to completely shut down an elixir pump while also getting good tower damage. It can also be used to reset units in the same way as a zap spell. It’s a good counter to three musketeers and should be used when you can make a positive elixir trade.


Guards are a strong defensive unit that are capable of handling units like pekka, prince, graveyard and also tanking a blast from a sparky or distracting an inferno dragon. You can use them to surround splash damage units like royal ghost, wizard, executioner or bowler. They can be playing in front of the royal giant to tank sos, hits from a pekka or prince. They can also buy you time to shut down their inferno tower if they’re running it.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a furnace or even cycling the barb barrel at the bridge. You can also wait for the opponent to make the first move then play a unit accordingly. Take any spell value you can, you can start a royal giant by playing the RG in the back and building up your push behind him. Check out the video to see how today’s pro plays during the early stages of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you can get more aggressive with the Royal Giant especially if you know you have an elixir lead. If you’ve taken a tower then apply opposite lane pressure to force the opponent to split their elixir. Still make sure your play furnace, play it into the opposite lane if you know it’s going to be a two tower game. You can start use the barb barrel predictively if you know what your opponent is likely to play defensively.

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