Loon Freeze Deck
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck should be played aggressively to help you maintain control of the tempo of the match. BananaGoose is back on my channel showing us how to use this deck and sharing his huge success that he’s had in grand challenges using this deck. Once you’ve learnt what spells and air counters your opponent is playing you will know when you can go aggressive and when it’s safe to freeze if they don’t have anther air counter in cycle. In most matches you will only need one good balloon push to take a tower and win the game, this deck has a lot of defensive power and you can use the freeze rocket if you need to. Use your zap spell to damage units like minions on your pushes and allow your bats to help chip away the rest of their health. It also helps reset units like inferno dragon if you need to use it.

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Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon is a great defensive unit to use to melt down heavy tanks and it also has a lot of counter push potential because it demands a response from your opponent especially if you balloon push behind this card.


Balloon is your win condition and is a good card to use to keep applying that constant pressure throughout the match. It’s death damage can help chip away at the tower and also damage the opponents defence if you can’t connect to their towers. Playing this card behind the lumberjack will make it harder for your opponent to defend and also give you more damage.


Thai spells is entirely situational, on defence you can get great value with this card and then have a strong counter push too, always defensively freeze on your side of the arena so your towers can help out. On offence if you know what units your opponents have in cycle will help determine when you can freeze, for example if they play their only air counter on defence then freeze that and the tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out the match with Skelton army or goblin gang at the bridge to try and understand what spell your oppent is playing such as log, zap, fireball, snowball or barb barrel. The fireball and snowball both have a knock back effect which could stop your balloon connecting to their towers so you’ll need to try and bait them out. With the barb barrel it’s weak against skarmy so you’d rely on this more throughout the match. With zap you will use either bats or skarmy as bait depending on their other defensive units.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you should play more aggressively keeping that high pressure on your opponent. It’s good to defensively freeze if you need to and then counter push with your surviving units and hopefully cycle back to freeze. Goodluck with this deck check out the video in the link to help pick up some great tips on using this deck.

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