Elite Barbarian Mortar Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today I’m showing you guys this elite barbarian mortar deck that Panda has been using to dominate high end ladder. This deck has triple spell which makes it great against bait and the lightening is a good counter to three musketeers and will also help deal with support units such as wizards, musketeer, mega minions and EDrag. Panda plays the Ebarbs very aggressively and will predictively play the log or arrows depending on what cards your opponents have in cycle to defend your push. The mortar can be used defensively to kite units like hog while also getting chip damage if you play it at the river, you can support it with the ebarbs in front. Musketeer is your only air targeting unit so if you’re against an air deck you can’t cycle her because you’ll be punished by your opponent. You also have your spells and furnace to support her for air defence.

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Skeleton Army

Skarmy is a great defensive option to use against units like pekka, prince or even on other units like hogs. It’s large radius makes it difficult for the opponent to use prediction spells however it is weak against the zap spell.

Elite Barbarians

These guys should be used as your win condition, use your spells to support them as they rush towards your opponents towers. The mortar is a good support cards to especially against decks with swarm units. They can also be used defensively if you need to and then you have some good counter push potential.


Arrows will mainly be used to to stop small squishy units like goblins, minions, bats connecting to your tower. It can give you a two elixir positive trade against minion horde and also counters lava pups very well, it’s large radius also means you can splash other units slightly reducing their HP and making it easier to defend.

Early Stage Gameplan

Furnace is the best possible opening move you can make especially if you play it low down towards your king tower. Every time panda plays the ebarbs for the first time he will predictive log. Try to learn what cards your opponent is using, playing aggressively can help you maintain control of how the match is played by forcing them to respond to your units constantly.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir if you’ve taken a tower then focus on defence while using your furnace to apply pressure in the opposite lane. Remember to take all spell value you can especially with the lightening spell during double elixir. Defensive mortars can be useful to it can bait out a spell so you can play the furnace or it can be used to help defend against decks with a lot of ground support troops. Goodluck running this deck check out my video to see if Panda can take down one of the best players in the world using this deck.

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