#1 Pekka Spam Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Oktay is on my channel pushing for number one global using this deck. He’s a great player and is almost always inside the top 200 in the world. Inside this deck you have the battle ram, bandit and royal ghost which you will use to apply pressure. Then your other units like pekka, ewiz and minions are great for defence and help provide good support when you counter push. Your two spells in this deck synergies very well together, the zap can be used against skarmy which is very popular at the moment and it can also be used to stun and reset their units which makes it grest against sparky, inferno dragon and inferno tower. It can also stop a prince’s charge. The posion works well against three musketeers, minion hordes, and can also be used against golem decks if the opponent stacks up their support units behind their tanks. If you’re up against a lava hound deck then as soon as they drop their hound apply opposite lane pressure, you can’t use the pekka offensively here, and keep either your minions or ewiz in cycle. You also often rely on defensive poisons here too.

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Electro Wizard

Ewiz is a good defensive unit be has a lot of counter push potential as a support card. He works well in the meta due to the higher use of bait decks that are out there right now. He is one of two troops that you will rely on for air defence especially against lava hound and balloon based decks. His spawn ability almost gives you a third spell option in this deck too.


Pekka is a strong defensive unit and you’ll rely on her for defence against units like golem, giant and royal giant. If your opponent doesn’t have a heavy ground tank you can use this card offensively providing you have an elixir lead and you know your opponent can’t punish you in the opposite lane. However is it often safer just to use her defensively.

Battle Ram

Battle ram despite the recent nerf can still be used to apply pressure and punishing your opponent on a counter push. It can be played centrally to kite units away from your towers too if you need to.

Early Stage Gameplan

I find the safest way to play this deck is to wait for your opponent to make the first move, it’s safer to just react to what your opponent plays. Single elixir you need to learn what your opponent is playing and how respond to your offensive pushes. Against lighter decks I recommend defending and countering pushing whereas against heavy decks you need to apply opposite lane pressure when they spend a lot of elixir. If you know they don’t have a good counter in hand for your battle ram then play it at the bridge and try to punish your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir can afford to start to support your offensive pushes more and you can use your posion offensively if your opponent gives you good value. You should still defend and counter push especially if you can play units like battle ram or bandit behind your pekka as she crosses the river. The beauty of bridge spam means you can also split lane push if you already have a few units counter pushing one lane. You should now also be aware of what deck your opponent is playing and what units they’re likely to use defensively which means you can chose your support cards better. Goodluck running this deck it finished first place last season, check out my video to see live ladder game play from Oktay using this deck.

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