Hog Heal Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This hog deck has the newly buffed heal spell and it also has the freeze spell which has been incredibly popular since its balance change last season. It’s also very free to play friendly and will work great either on ladder or in grand challenges. You have a lot of swarm units to support your pushes in this deck and the minions and goblin gang synergies very well with the heal. The hog is your main win condition and should be used to apply pressure or play him in front your the swarm units when you counter push. The mortar can also be used offensively but it also works great for kiting units like golems, giants or hogs. The mortar is a good support card to use for your other units mainly because of its long range. You have no direct damage with this deck so you’ll often need to play fairly aggressive with either the hog or mortar throughout the match.

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Freeze still has a fairly high use rate even after its recent balance change. It’s works well defensively too because it can buy you extra time to shut down their push. When using it offensively you should freeze when you know the opponent is low on elixir which means you’ll get extra hits with your hog rider.

Hog Rider

This game is is your main win condition and should be played aggressively at the bridge. It can be used to kite units away from your towers and if the opponent plays a pump in front of their tower you can use it to target the pump though the mortar would be better for this. If the opponent has a heavy beat down deck then play the hog opposite lane as soon as they place their tank.

Heal Spirit

Heal now only costs one elixir which is a drastic change, it can be simply used just to cycle if you need to quickly get back to your hog but it’s best used to heal units like hog, minions or goblins allowing them to stay alive for that little bit longer and potentially get more tower damage. It works well it your opponent has cards like zap, snowball, bats or dart goblin which won’t take out your swarm units in one hit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start ou the match by cycling an ice spirit or bats. Playing the mortar fairly early is a good way to understand what cards your opponent has and you can then apply pressure with the hog depending on what units they have down.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the ideal time to get a good hog freeze push if you haven’t already. You can use dual lane pressure by placing the mortar in one lane and then using the hog opposite lane and the mortar will help support the hog because of its long range. If your opponent has fireball or arrows try splitting the minion horde to avoiding giving your opponent to much spell value. Goodluck using this deck check out my video to see live ladder game play of this deck!

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