New Mega Knight Low Skill Bridge Spam!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Netcc who is a Pakistan pro is on my channel showing us this low skill bridge spam deck. It’s similar the the pekka bridge spam I shared the other day besides you have the prince for the heavy hitting and the mega knight helps provide good defensive versatile. Depending on what deck your opponent has changes how you’ll play this deck, if they have a beat down deck as soon as they play their tank apply opposite lane pressure the battle ram and/or bandit while saving the prince for defence. The ewiz and minions are also great defensive cards because they can help counter both ground and air. The two spells synergies well together the posion is a good counter to graveyard, minion horde and three musketeers. Try to also use it the help chip away at tower health and any elixir pumps your opponent plays. Zap can be used against skarmy, bats minions etc.

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Mega Knight

This heavy unit can be played in the back if you’re up against graveyard or royal giant. Other than that most of the time it will be used so you can take advantage of his enter the arena ability. He works well against bridge spam and bait decks and he has a lot of counter push potential because he can tank tower damage for your bridge spam units.


Prince is great for helping deal with high HP units and just like the mega knight if this guy has enough health he has good counter push potential. You can split lane push if he’s in one lane because if the opponent has spells with a knock back effect they’ll have to chose which lane to defend.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is probably your main bridge spam unit however it shouldn’t just be played at the bridge because it can kite units, stop a prince from connecting to your towers or act as a lightening rod.

Early Stage Gameplan

At the start of the match wait around 15-20 seconds to see if your opponent makes the first play, if they don’t try cycling bandit at the bridge to see how they react. Early game you should defend and counter push unless your up against a beat down deck where you’ll need to control the tempo of the match. Try and get good value with your spells by getting tower damage too.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can use this deck more aggressively especially with the ram and bandit. You can also split lane push providing they don’t have a building they can play centrally. Still keep your ewiz and minions for defence but keep them spaced out to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. You can spell cycle during overtime too.

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