Goblin Giant Sparky Dart Goblin Miner Control Deck
DaRealLegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Hey Folks ! With the recent buff to Sparky & The Goblin Giant, this combination has begun to appear in the meta. This deck here is a goblin giant beatdown deck with some elements of a miner control with the additions of the spear goblins and dart goblin for more chip damage. The miner provides you an even dangerous option to sneak in against towers while they are locked on to the goblin giant and opponents are rushing to stop the destructive Sparky.

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The sparky now is even more dangerous with the buff to her range. Play the sparky behind the goblin giant and with the change to the attack distance you can place sparky further and use the bats and spear goblins to possibly bait the zap spell. Use the fireball for additional sparky support against minion hordes


The miner will sneak in and do damage while your opponent focuses on the Sparky and the tower is locked on to the tower.

Goblin Giant

The goblin giant will play the beatdown role like a giant and will protect your sparky as well by clearing the path with it's spear goblins.

Early Stage Gameplan

The ideal push will allow you to play a beatdown push with the goblin giant sparky and support from the dart goblin and spear goblins and the miner to sneak in for damage. Use the fireball and log for support for Sparky and to defend.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game use all your cheap cycle units to protect sparky as much as possible to clear the lanes to push with the goblin giant and sparky. Use the miner aggressively to defend or sneak in tower damage

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