New Dual Lane Magic Archer Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Today Sam A.K.A TSMPro is joining me on voice to discuss this recently buffed deck that’s he’s been using inside Grand Challenges. So the royal hogs are your win condition in this deck and early game you should always split them, to avoid your opponent building up a large counter push in one lane. Splitting them at the river gives your opponent less time to respond. They should ideally have a unit like barbarian, rascal boy or Valkyrie to tank tower damage in one of the lanes so you can defend with one of these units ans counter push with the hogs at the appropriate time. Against beat down decks you should punish your opponent when they play their heavy unit like golem, hound or giant. You also lots of air defence to which will help you dal with and lava loon decks your might face. Once their towers are around 1200HP you can focus on a single lane rather than splitting your damage. Common mistakes people make with this deck is they go to aggressive early game especially with the royal hogs. Play passively until you have an understanding what deck your opponent is playing and always split them until later on in the game or you’re apply opposite lane pressure.

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Tombstone is a good unit to use if you’re at full elixir and your waiting for your opponent to make the next move. It’s grest to use to kite units like balloon, hog, giant and even the golem. It can also bait out your opponents log which opens up the game for you to play the rascals knowing your opponent can’t take out the rascal girls. If the opponent has hog then save this card and use it to kite the hog once they’ve played it.

Magic Archer

Magic archer has got his initial attack speed back making him viable once again. In order to get maximum value from this card you need to understand the best position to play him in so his magic arrow can get maximum value. If you have a lot of troops down you can use this guy in the opposite lane too to avoiding giving your opponent good spell value. His health is fairly fragile so if the opponent has fireball keep him out of reset of your towers unless you’re trying to bait out the fireball so you can apply pressure hogs in one lane.


Valkyrie is a solid unit and also a great tank to use for the hogs. Never just cycle her in the back, you should aim to defend and counter push with this unit. She’s a good unit to use against bait decks and also graveyard if you want to save your poison for offence.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start if this match by splitting the rascals in the back which allows you to set up for your royal hog play. As with every matchup try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing so you know what cards to save for defence and what they’re likely to use to defend your royal hogs.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir keep apply that dual lane pressure on your opponent, you can start to support your pushes more as long. As you leave yourself enough elixir for defence. You can spell cycle in over time if their towers are below 500HP. Check out the video to pick up some more great tips from the pro who brought us this deck!

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