1.7 Fast Cycle Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the return of the impossible challenge where someone had to complete a grand challenge using a 1.7 elixir deck(or less) and Mugi was the pro who completed it. These decks aren’t your every day deck and I definitely do not recommend using it on ladder or in challenges unless you want to improve your overall game play by understanding different card interactions and been extremely efficient with your elixir. There is virtually no room for error with this deck so if you’re winning while using it then you’re definitely a good player. As you can see your only direct damage is the log so play this card wisely, get tower chip when you can and always make positive elixir trades. Because this deck is so quick and cheap you need to know when to play your cards, where to place your cards, and how to stagger them to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. The best way to learn this is to practise but watching the replays I’m sharing will definitely help. Ice spirit can tank two shots from a lot of ranged units and it’ll avoid Meele units because of its jump. You’re also forced to use this deck very aggressively because you can’t defend a large push from your opponents, so keep sending in those miners and getting some good tower chip damage.

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Miner will definitely be your main win condition in this deck and you need to cycle him on their tower as much as possible without over committing. You might also need him defensively and you’ll need support cards to help shut down their push. Remember to switch up the miner placements to make it harder for the opponent to predict where he’s going to appear. If you’re up against three musketeers you can Miner the tower and if the opponent predicts you’re miner placements on the pump and mirror your miner onto the pump once their units have moved.

The Log

Log will be used offensively and defensively, you might rely on this card to support the miner especially against swarm or bait decks. However you can get a lot of value from mirroring this card because it’s knock back effect and stop the opponents troops connecting to your tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

During single elixir you need to play aggressively with the miner and counter push with your other units when you can. Take all spell value possible just be careful not to over commit with your elixir because it can be hard to recover throughout the rest of the match. Playing the miner behind the tower while you have units like spear goblin or bats counter pushing can kite their defensive units back allowing your squishy units to connect to their tower.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you still need to play aggressively even if you have taken a tower or two. Keep cycling your units spacing them out as much as possible! Don’t forget to check out my video to see the game play of this deck! Follow my Twitter @CWA to catch the next impossible challenge.

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