New Combo Pekka Spam Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a new version of the pekka bridge spam deck which now has the ram rider instead of the battle ram. You should play the ram rider differently to how you would play the old style deck mainly because the ram rider costs one elixir more so you need to try and get some defensive value from her. iAmJP, who got 53 wins in the global challenge with this deck, kites units with the ram rider which buys him more time to shut down their push while also having a solid counter push. Pekka and ewiz should be saved primarily for defence and then try to take advantage of their strong counter push potential. The three spells, fireball, zap and barb barrel synergies well together. Because it’s a three spell you you almost always have a counter to bait decks and you also have the electro wizards enter the arena ability too.

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Electro Wizard

Ewiz for only four elixir can offer a lot of defensive value, he can stun and slow down units that are heading for your towers. He is also strong because if your against a small spell bait deck you can use this guy to help defend by taking advantage of his spawn ability.

Ram Rider

As I mentioned above always try to get some defensive value from this card when you play her especially during single elixir. Her snare mechanic is a good defensive tool to use against units like balloon which have become very popular in this meta. Her snare will target the closest unit to her.


This girl is incredibly tanky but she also costs seven elixir so try and defend with her first especially if you know your opponent has heavy units like golem, pekka, giant. She is also good to use to tank damage against siege decks too. Try to counter push behind her to keep applying that pressure. The only circumstance you could play her offensively is if your against an air deck such as lava loon or you know you have a large elixir lead.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game it’s always important to figure out what deck of archetype your opponent is playing. Throughout single elixir I recommend defending and counter pushing, if you like to make the first play you could use dart goblin at the bridge or Cycle barb barrel too, these will both force your opponent to respond unless they want to take tower damage. If the opponent has elixir pump then fireball it and the tower during single elixir and then save fireball for defence during double elixir especially against three musketeers.

Late Stage Gameplan

You should hopefully be heading into double elixir with a damage bless on your opponent especially against heavier decks. If you know your opponent has play one of their only counters to your ram rider or bandit then you can apply opposite lane pressure. Goodluck if you decide to try this deck out! Check out my video to see live gameplay of IAmJP using this deck in a grand challenge.

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