Best Golem Deck For 2019 Meta!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today the Golem God Royal is back on my channel showing us his tactics on using this archetype in the current meta. Golem is your main win condition and stacking up support cards behind him will help take their tower. Royal plays golem decks very defensively because you can be easily punished if you over commit or play a golem behind your towers. If you’re up against another beat down deck then when they place their tank like golem or giant you should play golem same lane or EDrag if golem is out of cycle. If you find yourself playing against a lavahound you could rush opposite lane with the lumberjack or play Golem in the same lane. Against bridge spam or bait decks defend and then counter push by playing golem at the bridge in front of your support troops. Seige decks can be fairly easy to handle providing you don’t let you opponent out cycle you. If the opponent has pekka then you will have to play as passively and defensively as possible until double elixir and try to build up a large counter push, you can us the Tornado to pull pekka away from the golem too. Three musketeer decks I would posion their pumps during single elixir and always tornado to musketeers into one lane, during double elixir always tornado them into one lane but use the posion on the musketeers and their tower.

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Lumber jack is a strong defensive unit especially against battle ram and other charging units, he also also do a lot of damage to a pekka and synergies grest on defence along side the mega minion.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon works well with the Tornado and can stop your opponent using swarm units to defend your golem. It’s also fairly tanks and will tank damage lightening along with your golem.

Electro Dragon

This card has replaced the night witch which usually fits in all golem decks however because of the higher use rate of cards like prince and mortar this card will give you a higher success rate because of the stun mechanics.

Early Stage Gameplan

Royal tried to hold onto the golem until double elixir unless they commit to a large unit or over commit on a push. I recommend trying to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against bait, hogs or bridge spam if they have ghost of bandit. This means you can ignore some damage later game and focus more on pushing. Royal rarely ever makes the first play and is happy to wait until double elixir, when this deck is stronger,

Late Stage Gameplan

You will have an advantage over most opponents during double elixir especially if you’ve activated your king tower and have been defending and making positive elixir trades through single elixir. Unless you know you’re ahead 3-4 elixir don’t play your golem in the back, you can play him at the side of a princess tower or defend and counter push. Posion should be used to help support your pushes especially if your opponent has minion hordes, goblin gang or skeleton army. Goodluck running this deck let me know on Twitter (@CWA) how you get on using this deck!

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