DaRealLegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago)

Hey Folks ! In this deck we focus on protecting the pekka and use 3 spells to add additional support. With two cheap spells, we're able to bring the avg elixir deck cost to 3.6 which gives you many ways to cycle to another card to support the pekka and do late game tower damage.

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Electro Wizard

The E-Wiz will be part of your air defense and will be your Pekka's protection against inferno dragons, inferno towers and will help against Sparky, and reset charging units.


The Pekka will be your primary tank and will be used defensively to shut down the Golem, Mega Knight, Giant, Goblin Giant, and other tanks and e barbs. It can also take a few shots from sparky allowing you to cycle back to other units to do extra damage

Early Stage Gameplan

Since the deck has a 3.6 avg elixir cost you will focus on countering and controlling to create an opportunity to push with the Pekka. You can also use the pekka after 2x time, the play style for this deck allows you the flexibilty of playing aggressive or casual. If you do decide to play the Pekka early, be sure to always have the baby dragon or e wiz to support and save your spells for the known counters like minion horde, goblin gang and skarmy,. Be mindful that this deck can have issues against lavaloon so pay attention to your opponents cards and rotation

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, you will push aggressively with the pekka but be mindful if your opponent is playing the balloon or lavaloon. Don't overextend in those cases so you can defend with the goblin gang, e wiz or baby dragon or fireball.

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