Royal Giant Combo Deck!
clash with ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today DiegoB is back on my channel showing us this new royal giant combo deck. This deck has the dual win condition, royal giant and miner, which both synergies we’ll together and helps you get extra tower damage. This deck also rocks the ice wizard, Tornado and tombstone which is known for one of the strongest defensive trios in the game. Tombstone works well in current meta because of the higher use of bridge spam decks. So royal giant is your main win condition and you have plenty of support troops to help apply pressure. Against heavier decks such as lava hound or golem, apply pressure opposite lane once they’ve played their tank, save you mega minion and ice wizard for defence and combo them with he Tornado if you need to. Against seige, bridge spam, bait and graveyard I recommend defending and then counter pushing, will will most likely play the RG in front of you support troops. If they have inferno tower or inferno dragon you can predictively play the barb barrel to try and tank the damage.

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This guy works well I can this deck if when played offensively you have the royal giant tanking damage and this guy chipping away at their tower or sniping a unit like princess or musketeer. He can also be used against an elixir pump which means you have the fireball to answer their three musketeers or minion horde if they’re running it.


Tornado can be played in many different ways, early game I recommend using it to activate your king tower and later game you can use it defensively with your miner or pull u it’s with death damage away from your towers. If you’re against three musketeers try to pull them into one lane with this card then you can barb barrel or fireball them.


Tombstone can Ben used to kite units which allow you more time to help shut down their push. It’s also a good distraction for a mortar too. Use this card against units like ram rider, royal hogs, hog rider, golem, giant etc it can also be used to kite a balloon into the middle then use Tornado to activate your king tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first 10-15 seconds of the match just wait and see if your opponent makes the first move, if they don’t you can start out the match with a miner in the anti Tornado position but the safest option is the play the tombstone just incase they’re running three musketeer pump. Don’t go to aggressive because you can be easily punished, try and figure out what deck the opponent is playing and keep track of their tank killers such as pekka or inferno dragon.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck is strong in both single and double elixir. You will often rely on your defence a lot more during double elixir so don’t waste your cards unless you’re using them to counter or bait something out from your opponent. Check out the video to see live matches and some tricky matchups that DiegoB faced using this deck! Goodluck!

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