2.9 Xbow Cycle
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the deck that Dank Ganon used to get 150 wins in the global tournament. One of the reasons he was so successful, besides been extremely good with the deck, is that you can often play for the draw against harder matchups which makes this deck good for tournaments or challenges. A mistake he often sees people doing with xbow is going to aggressive during single elixir, never start out the match with xbow as your first play becasuse you can be easily punished. Heavy beat down decks can be tricky to handle with this deck so this is how Dank Ganon handles them, he likes to play passively and see how the opponent plays their deck, if they play their tank in the back he will play xbow opposite lane. However if they start building up their push with support troops in the back he will play a defensive Tesla and then rely on the counter push to help win the game. Your spells can offer a lot of value either supporting your xbow early game or cycling them towards to end of the match. Try to get value with every single card in the deck even the ice spirit and skeletons.

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Xbow is your main win condition, it will often require support in order to get maximum chip damage. Once you’ve got that lock try and keep the xbow alive as long as possible. Defensive xbows are good to use if your tower health is low or if their tower HP is low and you want to spell cycle your opponent.


Tesla is a good defensive unit especially against other seige decks when you can play it at the bridge to counter their mortar or xbow. It’s also good to kite units like royal giant or other tanks after you’ve applied opposite lane pressure. You shouldn’t really play this card along side the xbow because it can leave you without a defensive unit especially during single elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

During single elixir play passively and see what deck your opponent is playing. If they start out with a golem, giant or lava hound I’m the back then immediately apply opposite lane pressure with the xbow. You can start out the match by cycle ice spirit or skeletons if you like to make he first play, Ice golem can be vital on defence so don’t cycle him unless you have to.

Late Stage Gameplan

Patience is definitely a virtue when using this deck because you will often go into over time when using 2.9 Xbow. Dank Ganon will start to Xbow cycle once their towers are around 600 HP. Make sure you check out the video to see how Dank Ganon handles different archetypes with this deck.

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