Best F2P Miner Poison Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the deck that’s Sir Tag uses on his second account which is free to play making it great for a lot of you guys out there. Defence is a lot more important because miner posion decks are all about having a strong counter push. Requesting the musketeer as much as you can and using your trade tokens on her to get her levelled up will definitely be beneficial on ladder where she could potentially die to a fireball if the opponent has theirs over levelled. Cycle cards are incredibly important to use correctly to get maximum value and also have the card you need in hand ready to defend their push. Ice spirit is good to reset units or temporarily stun them buying you a 0.5 seconds to help stop their push. If you’re mid range ladder I definitely recommend watching my video to pick up some great tips from Sir Tag and B-rad on how to handle opponents at midrange ladder.

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Posion synergies very well with the miner because of the Ariel denial and it means the opponent can’t drop any kind of bait to defend the miner because it’ll die within the eight seconds. This your only epic card so if you want to use this deck a lot focus on upgrading it through epic Sunday’s. It will also deny an elixir collector four elixir so it’s worth while using especially if you ge tower damage and potentially troop damage too. If the opponent plays a collector you can send the miner onto their tower then posion the pump and tower and often the opponent will wrongly predict the miner placements giving you spell value.


The canon fits well in the this deck especially in this current meta because you can easily cycle two canons to kite a balloon to your king tower and it’s also great against graveyard and kiting tanks like golem or giant.


Miner is your main win condition and is a good unit to use to apply pressure to your opponent s d slowly chip away at their towers throughout the match. You can use this card defensively if your knight is out of cycle too.

Early Stage Gameplan

The two pros in my video never predictively play the miner poison combo during single elixir unless you know what they have in their deck. Tag plays very passive during single elixir and takes value wherever he can get it through using his spells or his miner. Try to make positive elixir trades while figuring out what deck your opponent is playing.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir and over time you can start to use your spells more aggressively providing you don’t rely on them for defence. You should now have a good understanding what the opponent is playing so you know what cards you need to defend.

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