Lvl 1 World Record Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

If you’ve never heard of or seen level one players let me explain what and who they are. Basically they never upgrade a single unit from the day they start their account. They aim to push as high as possible usimg only level nine cards, out playing the opponent can be extremely difficult to do because towers won’t one shot skeletons or bats and most of your units will die to a single fireball. But if you’re wanting a new challenge or looking for a different way to play the game then check out Nove One on Twitter to see about joining their clan. The secret behind mastering this deck is practise and learning the card interactions and getting maximum value from every single u if you play throughout the whole match. This deck is all about the counter push so you will have to defend heavier than you would with a level 12 king tower which means you need to then apply pressure on your counter push.

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Sparky is probably your most valuable unit, if you can pressure your opponent with her at the right time and take advantage of the lumberjack rage then you can probably build up a huge elixir lead and try to get that tower lock.

The Log

Log is your only direct damage spell but it’s great for taking out swarm units since you can’t rely on your towers to help chip away at their units. You usually can’t spell cycle either towards the end of the match because your opponent will obviously win providing they have a spell too.


Lumberjack is still very strong even st level nine. His rage spell really compliments other units in this deck. He has a huge counter push potential too and is a good counter to hog, giants, ebarbs and so on. Make sure you use other units to support him to stop the opponent connecting to your tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Wait for the opponent to make the first move and then play cards to respond to theirs. Take advantage of any counter pushes you can and if the opponent makes a mistake by over committing or leaking to much elixir make sure you punish them. Learn what deck your opponent is playing to and try to keep track of their win conditions.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you should still focus on defending and counter pushing. Try to get a sparky down then protect her as much as possible, playing a lumber jack in front will help when he spills his rage spell. Goodluck using this deck check out my video to see how gameover plays the deck.

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