#1 Lava Hound Deck?!?
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Wen went 12-1 in a grand challenge using this deck so I reached out and got him on my channel. This deck has double dragon which when heard both raged up synergies very well together and can be very difficult to stop. Lava hound is you heavy tank and should be played behind your towers when you have an elixir lead to start out your push. The two spells work grest together to help out on defence and also supporting your pushes. The barb barrel acts similar to a log but the spawning barbarian can be used to tank for the lava pups. The posion is great against three musketeers, elixir pump, minion hordes and also ewiz, ice wiz etc. Tombstone is a good card in this deck because the skeletons can build up behind your pushes. It’s also useful to kite hog riders or giants to the center of the arena buying you more time to shut down their push.

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Lava Hound

This girl is your heavy tank and is good to use to stack up units behind her. Her lava pups are slow but can devastate a tower if yo have another units tanking tower damage.


This extremely fast card can be cycled whims your king tower during double elixir when you’re starting out your push, he will quickly catch up any units at the bridge and when he dies his rage spell spills making our push extremely difficult to stop. It’s a great unit which you can also play at the bridge if you know your opponent is low on elixir and you already have a few units on their side of the map.


Miner can be used to snipe units like princess, musketeers, magic archer, dart goblin while your lava pups chip away at their tower. He’s also a great counter to an elixir collector to stop your opponent gaining that elixir advantage and he can be used to chip away at their towers too.

Early Stage Gameplan

A lot of players won’t play lava hound early game however after watching Wen you can see he is comfortable to do so if the opponent wastes some air counters and he ends up with an elixir lead. Try to figure out what deck the opponent is plays and always place the miner in the anti Tornado position when you first play him to avoid a king tower activation. Tombstone can be a good opening play.

Late Stage Gameplan

Check out my video to see the formula that wen uses to help take down opponents by playing his units correctly in a deadly push. Good luck if you chose to use this deck in a grand challenge, remember to play patiently and wait for the right moment to play every card.

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