New Golem Clone Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

If you didn’t know the clone has recently had an update to how the cloned units spawn, instead of spawning to the right of the original troop they’ll now spawn behind the original units which will help provide extra support and make it more difficult for your opponent to counter. Before playing the golem make sure you bait out their spells by playing your night witch, baby dragon etc, once you’ve baited out their spells and the golem is close to the tower then this is a good opportunity to clone. Golem decks are a heavy beat down deck, you should defend as lightly as possible and in most circumstances counter push the opposite lane. Playing night witch in the back when starting out a push will allow her to spawn more bats and potentially bait out an early spell from your opponent and also prevent them from rushing you opposite lane like they would if you played golem instead. Baby dragon and night witch are probably the two best support cards for the golem while lumberjack and mega minion are good for defence but they also have some good counter push potential which will demand a response from your opponent.

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Lumberjack has a huge counter push potential. Early game I would primarily use his defensively then later game you can start to use him to support your golem pushes.


Golem is your heavy tank, your meat sheild and also your win condition. He’s unlikely to take a tower on his own so make sure he’s supported. A good time to clone is when this guy is near the tower so you get double the death damage on the opponents towers. You can also use him to kite units into the opposite lane by playing him in the centre of the arena.


Tornado can change the out come of any match up. You can use it to activate your king tower early game to help aid your defence, or you can use it later game to pull their units together and allow your baby dragon to splash all their defence.

Early Stage Gameplan

Just like all heavy best down decks you are often playing for the three crown so don’t be afraid to take tower damage throughout the match. Try to activate your king tower using your Tornado where possible. Monkees will go aggressive with the golem early game, he will do this if they play a heavy tank, if he knows he has a good elixir lead or the opponent wastes a unit like pekka.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can see in my video Monkees will keep supporting his push if he think he can three crown the opponent. Use your spells to support your pushes and try to have the lumberjack in front of the golem so when he dies he rages up your whole push. Good luck with this deck guys!

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