Top Giant Beat Down Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is brought to us by RedBull who usually finishes top ladder every season. This is the deck he’s been using towards the end of this season to hold his place inside the top 200. This is such a straight forward and simple deck to play, you have fireball bait with your minions, minion horde and the night witch. Different archetypes will change how you play this deck, against three musketeer pump deck (which we might not see been used more anymore) you should go aggressive at the bridge once they’ve placed their pump with the giant. You can then play miner onto to pump just like RedBull did at 05:50 in my video. Against seige decks like mortar you need to play same lane as your opponent, playing the night witch I’m the back then placing giant higger up will prevent the mortar from locking onto your tower just like RedBull did at 09:40 in the video. Against lava hound matches you will need to keep playing aggressively opposite lane, it’s ok to tower trade especially if your initial card rotation isn’t very good. You will rely on both your minion units to defend and you should play your minion horde directly on top of the unit you need to snipe.

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Night Witch

Night witch is a great support card and you don’t usually see her outside of golem decks. She can be very valuable even with just one hp health remaining. She is best played behind your giant on your offensive pushes. When starting out your push playing the night witch first will allow her to spawn more bats, the only time your shouldn’t play her first is if the opponent has rocket or lightening.


Miner is a good card to use to help chip away at their towers or also snipe units like princess, musketeer, magic archer etc. You can also use him defensively if you need to which will help protect your towers.


RedBull uses the giant a lot of the time defensively to tank damage for all your swarm cards. He will also support his units by playing this guy at the bridge or in the pockets to keep up the pressure on the opponent. You can play him in the middle to kite the opponents troops across the lanes buying yourself more time to shut down their push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing and what their spells are which they’ll use to counter your minions and minion horde. Starting plays can can vary, RedBull will often cycle a log of a miner to see if the opponent will play their win condition. The miner should be playing in the safe spot to avoid king tower activation.

Late Stage Gameplan

Even during double elixir RedBull keeps up the pressure and forces your opponent to respond which you should do with all Beat Down style decks. If you’ve taken a tower you should stack units and defend and take advantage of counter pushes when you can. Use your three spells to support your pushes and gain tower chip damage if you’re struggling to break through the opponents defence. Goodluck running this deck and don’t forget to check out my video to see top ladder gameplay from RedBull.

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