#1 Canon Cart Graveyard Deck!
clash with ash posted 5 years ago (updated 5 years ago)

Today Swood and JuicyJ are on my channel showing us different canon cart graveyard decks that are currently popular in this meta. The deck we’re going to focus on is the deck from JuicyJ which you can see above. Check out the video if you’d like to see another deck that includes canon cart and graveyard. This deck has the famous trio, baby dragon, ice wizard and tombstone which synergies very well together to help you defend and counter push. With all graveyard decks you should primarily focus on defending and then counter pushing throughout the match. Unless your opponent is playing a heavy beat down deck like golem or lava loon when you should keep apply opposite lane pressure and keep us the aggression when they play their tank. Against hog decks you should definitely defend and counter push, posion troops like musketeers which have counter push potential and save your tombstone or tornado to kite the hog. Bait decks can be easy to handle, make sure you don’t give your opponent rocket value and use your barb barrel in the goblin barrel once you’ve activated your king tower. In a mirror match up or against another graveyard deck save your posion for defence and try to activate your king tower as early as possible.

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Graveyard is you main win condition, you will need a unit like baby dragon or canon cart to tank tower damage to allow more skeletons to build up. Check out the video to see the most optimal graveyard placements. If the opponent places an elixir pump behind their tower then you can play this card on top of it to deny them elixir, if they play swarm units to defend you can posion for extra value.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard is one of my favourite defensive units in the game. It’s great at slowing down enemy units and works well with the Tornado to.

Cannon Cart

This card is very versatile and is often best played defensively and then used on a counter push unless you’re against a heavy beat down deck. It can be played centrally to snipe units opposite lane and then allow you to counter push opposite lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

Dont play to aggressively with the graveyard especially early game when you don’t know what your opponent is playing, if the opponent has bats, goblins or minions try not to push unless you have your posion to support the graveyard. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against hogs, royal ghost, bait decks etc.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the ideal time to start using your graveyard if you haven’t already, if you’ve taken a tower then focus on defence and apply opposite lane pressure with your counter push if possible. You can spell cycle during over time if their towers are below 500HP. Goodluck running this deck everyone!

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