Single Musketeer Bridge Spam!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This surprise meta is currently been used by the pro player yugiart and it’s great for grand challenges or ladder! Because you no longer have three musketeers I’m this deck they can’t get as much value from their fireball. Also against lava hound or balloon freeze decks which are popular in this meta you will be able to defend better and cycle back to either musketeer or hunter to help you defend. You can’t really successfully split lane push with this deck which is probably a good thing too with this meta. With bridge spam your strongest defence will often be a good offence by applying pressure at the right time. You can defend really well with this deck so I’d usually recommend choosing to pump up if they play their tank like golem, giant or pekka in the back. If you’re against bait, bridge spam, hog deck or seige, recommend defending and apply same lane pressure with your counter push all while your pumping up and trying to gain a good elixir lead.

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Hunter is great all round defensive unit that can melt down tanks while also splashing support units behind them. He will force your opponent to respond on a counter push too because he could easily take away a few hundred HP of their towers. If your barb barrel is out of cycle he can be used against goblin barrel too.


Try to protect the musketeer just like you would a princess in a bait deck. She can offer a lot of value and she’s a good support unit so keep playing her.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is your main spam unit, use it to kite units if your ice golem is out of cycle. Playing this card in front of your support troops will give you a good counter push

Early Stage Gameplan

During single elixir keep trying to gain the pump advantage and protect it from the miner if the opponent is using it. Make positive elixir and figure out what spells your opponent is playing and what their since condition is. For opening moves you could cycle bandit in the back or simply just cycle your one elixir skeletons.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you think it’s going to be a five or six minute match I would keep pumping up. However if you think you can easily break through their defence then defend lightly then apply pressure and keep spamming units. You have no direct damage either. Stack up important units like musketeer and keep trying to cycle back to the battle ram and bandit.

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