Witch Bait Beat Down!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This Giant Beat Down Deck is great or either challenges or ladder. This is one of my favourite giant decks that I’ve shared in a long time. You have double minions and the goblins instead of the third spell which makes it great for baiting out your opponents small spells. The witch is extremely hard to kill effectively unless the opponent has rocket or lightening which most people aren’t using at the moment. The two spells have always synergied very well together, the fireball can knock back units like balloon or battle ram which can prevent them connecting to your tower. This deck does well against a lot of archetypes I’m the meta. Against seige decks use you giant to tank damage from their win condition and use your support troops to take it down. Against spam decks like, bridge spam, hog or even bait deck, you will rely on the witch for defence and correctly timing your zap spells to minimise damage, then take advantage of your counter push. If your against golem or lava hound decks the witch and minions will be import to shut down their tank. Apply opposite lane pressure with the miner and goblins when they play their tank.

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Miner has a lot of versatility in this deck. I recommend using him to snipe units like princess, magic archer, musketeer, wizard etc. He’s also a good counter to the elixir pump if the opponent is using it. He synergies well with the giant because you can zap the tower to retarget it allowing your giant to live longer.


When starting out a push place the witch behind your tower, to try and bait out that fireball or posion, but also because it allows more time for her to spawn more skeletons and gives you the defensive option to kite units with the giant if they try and pressure opposite lane like the did at 3:30 in the video. She’s also a great defensive unit because of her splash damage.


This guy is your meat sheild and your main win condition. When playing offensively try to always have this guy tanking for your support troops. Have your zap spell ready to protect him from skarmy, goblin gang or inferno units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game don’t play to aggressive, get a feel for the match and see what cards your opponent is playing. Defend and counter push where possible and use the miner to acquire some chip damage. If the opponent makes a mistake then you can go aggressive, just don’t leave your self short on elixir for defence. Opening moves you can cycle goblins at the bridge or play a miner in the safe spot. The pro on my video will also play the witch in the back as an opening move.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you should start to support your pushes more, use the miner to tank for extra damage too. You can also split lane push if you think the opponent has over committed on defence. If their tower is around 500 HP you can Miner or spell cycle but make sure you don’t use a spell offensively when you should use it for defence. Check out my video to see if final form can get 12 using this deck.

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