#1 Mortar Bait Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is the deck that midfinger used to finish 1st place in the world last season. I strongly recommend watching the gameplay in my video and assessing how Midfinger uses this deck, how he plays it aggressively and how he changes his play style against different archetypes. Against golem he will use a low defensive mortar to kite the golem, then he’ll space out his other units to help defend their push. If you’re up against heavy decks like RG, Giant Beat Down, golem or lava hound, you will most likely have to use defensive mortars and use the deck more like a miner bait unless they don’t have many ground units. Often the best defensive will be a good offence as you can see in the second match of the video. Against hog decks you need to use the mortar to kite the hog, the best mortar placement is the same lane as the hog, center placement at the river just like midfinger did at 9:50 in the video.

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Miner can be used in many different ways throughout the match. He’s great at helping you chip at at the opponents towers and he can help tank damage for your counterpush troops too. Playing him behind the opponents tower on a counter push will kite back any units they place. You can also use him to snipe units like princess or dart goblin. You will rely on this guy as you’re win condition against more best down style decks.

Barbarian Barrel

Barb barrel is a great spell card, he’s good to use defensively against bait decks and he’s also good at supporting the mortar especially if you know the opponent has swarm cards in cycle. The barbarian can also be useful to kite or distract the opponents units.

Dart Goblin

Dart goblin has long range and you should use this to space out your units to avoid giving your opponent good spell value. He’s one of your bait cards to so if you successfully bait out their small spell you can punish or apply pressure using this guy or another bait unit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Opening moves midfinger will play the mortar at the bridge. He does this to see how to opponent reacts and get a feel for what cards they’re running. Also if they dont have a good counter in cycle you’ll get some chip damage and often force the opponent to over defend. When you first play your miner place him in the safe spot just incase they’re running Tornado. You will need to play aggressively early game especially against heavier decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game your play style won’t really change too much besides the fact you can support you pushes more. During over time keep cycling miners and trying to get good spell value where possible. Play smart and don’t over commit, you can easily cycle back to the units you need to help defend.

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