Brand New Golem Meta Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In my latest video I have the two golem Gods, Carter and Star Light on voice sharing their number one golem decks that they’re currently using on ladder! In this guide we’re going to look at Star lights deck which has the lightening and baby dragon in place of the hunter and posion. Both of these pros play these decks defensively, they also have triple spell which makes them great for handling quicker cycle decks and the small spells also support your pushes very well. This deck is a good counter to pekka bridge spam, the prince and guards handle the pekka very well, I wouldn’t play a golem when you know your opponent has a battle ram in cycle. Guards and mega minion are probably your two main defensive units to help deal with the opponents spam or support troops. Guards can be placed to surround splash damage units and mega minion can be used to help chip away at units like musketeer, baby dragon, wizards etc. Snowball is great for helping slow down the opponents troops and also the knock back effect and it can offer a lot of value for only two elixir.

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This guy is your tank and also your win condition. He can be used to tank damage so you can counter push behind him.


Prince is a great tank killer and if you’re up against a beat down deck you’ll need to save this guy to take out their tank. If you’re against lava loon you can you this card more offensively. He has good counter push potential so using him instead of a spell to defend will mean your opponent has to spend elixir defending the prince.


Guards are a solid defensive card that can be used against graveyard, goblin barrels, or even to distract pekka, prince etc. They can also be used to protect your golem from units like inferno dragon or inferno tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

You would rarely play your golem during single elixir, you need to know what your opponent is playing and it’s also safer to play it during double elixir because you have more elixir to defend. Just play passively and react to what your opponent plays

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you can start playing your golem, support him as much as you can while saving enough elixir for defence. The baby dragon is a great support card, use your spells where possible to support your push and help protect your troops. Check out the video to see some live matches of the two pros playing their decks!

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