Not Another Night Witch Lumberjack Guide Unbelievable Golem Prince Meta Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

With the Clash Royale balance changes 2/4/2019 now live, this Golem prince beatdown deck has returned and has been appearing in tournaments and a similar deck has been showcased by Clash Royale Pro player Star Light. This deck allows you to defend against air and ground troops and provide support to your Golem all in one push. I know it's a Golem Beatdown Deck but it at times can feel like a strong control deck.

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The Golem as usual will be your PRIMARY tank and you will play it early in the game by playing it once the opponents counters are played and by supporting the Golem with the Mega minion or baby dragon then with the prince. By combing one air and one ground troop, it will allow you to defend your Golem and form a massive push


The prince will support your golem against Pekkas, Mega knights and will actually move your golem forward in its push once the Prince charges. The prince is key in breaking down ground troops

Baby Dragon

The baby dragon excels in Golem decks and it will be critical against bats and minions/minion hordes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early stages you will don't have to be discouraged from playing the Golem. If you have the Golem with one air and ground support, you can feel comfortable to push your lane and in some cases ignore your opponents push on an opposite lane. Use the guards, barbarian barrel and baby dragon to clear the path and make it easier for your support troops to protect your golem .This will allow you to overwhelm your opponent and earn a tower destroying push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x elixir time, start aggressively playing your golem push. If necessary, drop your golem in front of the tower your opponent is pursuing. This will allow you to setup your push and leverage the defensive strength of this deck

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