Top Mega Knight + Prince Combo
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In my video GamingWithCiv is playing his signature deck which he’s currently having huge success with on high end ladder. He used to have spear goblins in this deck instead of prince. He swapped them because of all the bridge spam in this meta and the prince can tackle heavier units that the spear goblins couldn’t. The prince also synergies well because he’s a low key win condition and he has a huge counter push potential which you can Combo with your skeleton barrel. This deck has the zap bait element to it with the bats, goblin gang, inferno dragon and prince. Once you’ve baited out their zap you can counter push and apply pressure with the Skelton barrel. You have lots of defensive options with this deck to use against alsmot all archetypes, once you know what the opponent is playing then you can apply pressure or defend at the correct times.

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Mega Knight

If you watch Civs’s matches he rarely plays the mega knight unless he uses it to defend on his side of the arena where he can get value from his enter the arena ability. The other time he would play it is if he’s against an air deck or he has a good elixir lead.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main tank killer if you’re up against beat down decks. However just like in the video it can be used against balloon and some support units like baby dragon. You can pair this card this miner and zap to apply a little more pressure and force a response from your opponent providing you have a good elixir lead.


You don’t have much direct damage in this deck so you might rely on this guy later in the match to help chip away a tank their towers. He’s a good answer to the elixir collector and can be used to snipe units like princess, magic archer and dart goblin which pain in the butt. Remember he synergies well with the zap especially if you need to retarget their tower at the last second to help keep a troop alive.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passively and react to what your opponent plays, figure out what deck they’re running and remember what their win condition is. You can start out the match with a miner in the safe spot or even playing skeleton barrel at the river. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake or over commit and then you can punish them with your units just like Civ did at 12:57 in the video using the prince and goblins.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir if you’ve got plenty of damage on their tower you can use your miner to chip away and just counter push for the rest of the match. If you’re pretty much even on tower HP or you know this deck is going to be a two tower game then Civ will play this deck aggressively and be relentless with the pressure once he knows he has the upper hand. Check out the video to see how Cov handles tricky matchups. This deck would be a good option for the up coming global tournament!

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