Officially #1 Giant Goblin + Sparky
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Goblin giant currently holds the number one position in the game for win rate. He works so well because of the popularity of cards like musketeer, wizard and ewiz. They will all die to a fireball if paired with the goblin giant because the spear goblins on his back act as your second small spell in this deck. For the sparky you have the zap bait element with the skarmy, goblin gang, bats and the spear goblins in the giant goblins back. Also cards like snowball and barbarian barrel have increased in use rate and neither of which can reset the sparky. This deck has a lot of counters if your against bait decks and if you’re up against bridge spam which is incredibly popular in this meta you have plenty of units capable of stopping the opponents push.

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Sparky is a great card to play behind your king tower when you’re starting out a push, that way if your opponent pushes the opposite lane you can kite their troops with the goblin giant. She’s a good defensive card to which has a huge counter push potential. If you’re against cards like furnace or tombstone playing this girl I’m the same lane will prevent the firespirits from reaching your tower while allowing you to save extra elixir to push with.

Skeleton Army

Skarmy is a good spell bait card for the sparky. Also it can avoid the barb barrel if you play it closer to your king tower when you use it once defence which makes it cards for taking down tanks and stopping charging units like prince, battle ram or bandit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Sarac will start out the match with a goblin gang at the bridge to try and bait out the opponents small spell so he knows what he’s going up against. It’s important to try and find out what small spells your opponent is playing so you know when to push and where to place your defensive units. During single elixir I recommend defending and counter pushing until you have a good understanding of the deck, if your more confident you can apply opposite lane pressure if you know fully what deck your opponent has and what their card cycle is.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is great fun with this deck, you alsmot always have units to defend one lane while pressuring the opposite. Sparky strikes fear into most people’s hearts and seeing her will often cause them to play troops in the same lane to defend. Have barb barrel ready to protect her from units like skarmy or goblin gang. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to see some grand challenge matches using this deck.

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