Royal Recruits Deck!
clash with ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The game play in my video is brough to us by Foco who has won two grand challenges using this deck. The royal Recruits should be used defensively because they can help clog up a lane from the opponents pushes. You wouldn’t just want to cycle them in the back because the opponent could punish you fairly easily. This deck cycles very quickly and you can form a strong counter push from you royal Recruits. If the opponent drops a heavy tank like golem or lava hound in the back pressure the opposite lane with you ram rider, just like you would with a hog or battle ram deck. One of f he biggest things you can take away from the game play in my video is how Foco will split his damage by pressuring both lanes when he’s using this deck. Against seige decks which might be popular after the next balance changes this deck will be incredibly strong and you should easily be able to defend and counter push your opponent.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider is a great card to use to pressure your opponent against beat down decks. If you’re against a quicker cycle deck than yours, you’ll rely on the counter push with this deck. The ram rider can completely stop, hogs, battle ram, balloon if you play her same lane so her snare mechanic immobilises their push. She’s great to play behind your Recruits to if yours going on a counter push.


Musketeer is a solid defensive and supportive unit to use to help shut down the opponents troops. The minions, musketeer and snowball are your only real air defence units so don’t waist them especially if you’re up against decks like lavahound or balloon cycle decks.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays don’t waist your air defence units, you can start out with goblin gang or cycling the barb barrel at the bridge. During single elixir you will mainly want to defend and counter push when possible unless your opponent makes a mistake or plays a large tank when you can apply opposite lane pressure. Foco will rarely play his Recruits during single elixir too because 7 elixir is a lot to play when to match is slow paced.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game is the ideal time to start pressuring the opponent, you can easily apply dual lane pressure with this deck and slowly chip away at both towers. You can use your spells to support your pushes and potentially make prediction spell placements if you know what troops your opponent has in cycle. Good luck using this deck!

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