Mega Knight Barbarian Bait!
Ash Hole ❤️ posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In today’s video I looked at a couple of decks that’s are showing early signs of been incredibly OP after the latest balance changes. This deck that trainer guard has been using is a fireball bait deck. The flying machine, royal hogs and now the barbarians will all act as a good bait card. Against hog rider decks you have the barbarians, ewiz or mega knight, all can help reduce the damage to one hog swing or less if you play them at the right time. If your opponent is playing beat down try to acquire as much damage as you can during single elixir because they’ll have the advantage during double elixir. Just be careful not to over commit and leave yourself with an elixir disadvantage. The mega knight should be used to take out their support troops. Against bridge spam you should focus on defending and then counter pushing the same lane as your opponent. Against graveyard try to switch up lanes and force the opponent to defend the opposite lane, this will make it difficult for them to counter push.

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Mega Knight

Mega Knight will become popular due to the increasing use rate of the barbarians and this card can counter them and then give you a good counter push potential.

Flying Machine

The flying machine while been one of the key big spell bait cards also works incredibly well on defence, it has long range which means you can avoid giving your opponent good spell value while also been annoying because it can offer a lot of value since it can stay out of range of spalsh damage units.

Royal Hogs

Try to bait out your opponents fireball before playing this card. They’re great to use to punish your opponent once they don’t have a good counter in hand.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game figure out what deck the opponent is playing and try to track where their big spell is in their card cycle. During single elixir you should defend and counter push when you can unless your against a heavier deck where you’ll need to play more aggressively. N

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to split lane push, and force your opponent to spend more elixir on defence than offence. You might need to start spell cycling if the opponent has a lot of defensive answers like bomb tower, executioner + Tornado etc. Check out the video to see another strong barbarian deck!

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