Pompeos’ Favourite Balloon Cycle Deck!
Ash Hole ❤️ posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Pompeo is back! He’s using his favourite balloon cycle deck that he’s previously used to finish top of ladder. Remember this is a cycle deck, don’t play aggressively early game with out defending first. A lot of your successful pushes will come from defending and then counter pushing. He also uses the fireball as a defensive card more often than offensive. This works well because it can offer a lot of value at support yours defence which allows a stronger counter push. Against golem or other beat down decks he will play defensive where possible however as soon as the opponent plays their tank he will go aggressive opposite lane while saving the inferno dragon and tombstone for defence. Try to protect your towers from as much damage as possible just like Pompeo does while using this deck.

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Miner is a great card to use to help support your counter push or to snipe units like princess, magic archer, musketeer etc. Use this card to help chip away at their towers. You can pair this card with zap to retarget the tower or other units onto this card to tank some damage.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon should be used defensively especially against tanks but it’s also great against baby dragon which is popular in this meta. Use the fireball if you needed to help protect this card, it has a lot of counter push potential too and synergies well with the miner.


Balloon is your main win condition, wait for a good opportunity to pressure with this card. It’s best synergised with ice golem or miner who can tank damage for the balloon.

Early Stage Gameplan

Pompeo uses this deck very very defensively during the first two minutes of the match. This is a cycle deck so you can’t rely on your towers HP as a resource like you would with a beat down deck. Tombstone is a good opening card or you can also play the mega minion or inferno dragon if tombstone is out of cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to play the balloon mor aggressive however I would still defend or wait for the opponent to make a mistake before applying pressure. This deck is incredibly defensively and you often only need one successful balloon push to take a tower, so wait for the right opportunity and be patient. This is a high skill deck, check out the video to see some live ladder game play to see how Pompeo handles his matchups.

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